From Working Mama to Stay-at-home Mama

I’m sitting here in my last 30 minutes of my role as working mom and I’m feeling mixed emotions. I’m sad to leave an organization that has treated me so well these last 3 years. I started this job when was I was a brand new Air Force military spouse. I really didn’t know much. I didn’t… Continue reading From Working Mama to Stay-at-home Mama

To stress or not to stress…

Started Friday morning off with a fussy child, throwing a tantrum as I got her fed & ready for daycare… Worked out & relieved some of the tension from the morning routine. Husband calls 5 min before I walk into the office with a pretty big question… Should we extend our flight out a week?… Continue reading To stress or not to stress…

Packing Up & Moving Out

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been decluttering since before my daughter was born. I’ve been moving towards a minimalist lifestyle, but am still figuring out what works best for me and our routine. No doubt about it, I still love to shop. Breaking that habit took a while, but I’ve definitely learned to spend less… Continue reading Packing Up & Moving Out

Moving Forward

It has been about 2 months since my last post and A LOT has happened since then. We cleaned out our house, packed up our belongings and the military shipped the household goods in the beginning of March. We moved out and have been staying at temporary lodging that closer to my base. It has… Continue reading Moving Forward

Road to Debt Freedom

My minimalist journey began as an effort to reduce daily clutter and life stressors. I began 2016 enrolled in a Stress Management course for my graduate studies and began to explore the realities of consumerism and materialist behaviors. I was able to distinguish that the life I had been living and the habits I had… Continue reading Road to Debt Freedom